Light to Unite: A 3000 Km Bike Trip for Mental Health

July 22, 2020. Article by: Government of B.C.

Travel is different this year. While Tyler is travelling across B.C., he is following COVID-19 protocols. The precautions you take at home should also be taken when you are away.

In 2019, Tyler cycled 2800 km across B.C. Now, he is back on the road for a second bike trip to raise awareness about mental health. This year, Tyler’s journey takes him from Vancouver to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, covering over 3,000 km of cities, wilderness, and open road. He has a special addition to his team this year – his best friend and his son – making this trip even more meaningful.

New beginnings

Since his first bike trip last year, Tyler has created an organization called “Light the Pathway Society” – focusing on awareness and ending the stigma towards mental health, addiction and trauma recovery.

Tyler’s wish for Light the Pathway is empowerment and education, “creating an organization that gives back to other non-profits that have helped me and so many others along in their journey of healing”. 

He explains that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s daily lives. Tyler wants the work of his organization to reflect hope for the future. He wants to help other non-profits that might be struggling and find new creative ways to connect.

This year’s trip

This year, Tyler is cycling for the Boys and Girls Club of Canada.

After connecting with the organization some time ago, his fondness continued to grow. Its passion, empowerment of youth, and community outreach is something he admires.

 Our tour is named ‘light to unite’ and our hope is to connect as many people as possible to the amazing groups that are out there working tirelessly to adapt during this difficult time.

Tyler is filming as much of the trip as possible in hopes of creating a documentary showing, “the beautiful side of a healing journey”.  

My personal hope this year is that we can achieve the greatest summer ever. Create a trip my son will never forget. Try new things and push ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually.

Talking about mental health

Tyler knows through firsthand experience how important it is to talk to someone about mental health challenges and trauma.

Sharing my story started with a counsellor, next in group settings, and finally…to a point where I could open up about everything. In doing so, it has helped others open up to me…it has changed my life forever.

Learn more about Tyler’s journey.

Where to find help

If you or someone you know is experiencing challenges with mental health, reach out for support.