Hear from everyday change-makers who are working to stop overdoses. Learn from those who are helping to put a human face on the overdose crisis in our province. Powerful stories that can help others heal, provide hope and remind us of our humanity. Share these stories with others and get involved in your community. Together we can build greater awareness about overdose.

Two people have coffee and discuss substance use and addiction

Responding When Someone Reaches Out

For someone experiencing mental health and substance use-related challenges, taking the step to talk about what they’re facing can feel like a huge, scary leap...
Two young men sat on a bench near a lake talking about substance use

Starting a Conversation Could Save a Life

There are many faces to the overdose emergency. And they belong to people we would all recognize. More than 1450 people died of overdose in B.C. in 2017. Over...
Young people celebrating at an outdoor party

Drug Safety for Holiday Parties

Is it safe to try drugs? Is it safe to use drugs when drinking alcohol? It’s never completely safe, and right now, with B.C. experiencing an overdose emergency...
Kirk McLean from Vancouver Canucks discusses overdose awareness

Toxic Drug Supply: Staying Safe During the Overdose Crisis

Since January 2017, more than 3,700 British Columbians have lost their lives to overdose. They were people from communities across the province: from the coast...
Geroy Simon from BC Lions discusses how to prevent and respond to an overdose

Stay Safe, Save Lives: How to Prevent and Respond to Overdose

Three to four people die of an overdose in B.C. every day. And, more than four out of five overdose deaths this year were guys. Each of these deaths is a...
talk about mental health and substance use

Pledge to Talk About Mental Health and Substance Use for a Chance to Win

You could win a Vancouver Canucks prize package, including four tickets to the Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers on January 16, 2019! All you need to do is make a...
Travis Lulay from BC Lions encourages men to break the silence on mental health and substance use

Break the Silence on Men’s Mental Health and Substance Use

At least one in five British Columbians will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives. This number cuts across all walks of life:...
Young man smiles after opening up about mental health and substance use challenges

Why Are So Many Men Dying of Overdose?

Over 4,000 British Columbians have died of overdose since the start of 2016. More than 80% of people that died were men, mostly aged between 30-59. There are...
Person calls emergency service to respond to an overdose

What is the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act?

Seconds matter when someone is overdosing. The first step in responding to an overdose is calling 9-1-1. But when grappling with the fear of being arrested,...
Young woman with naloxone kit prepared to respond to an overdose

Overdose Prevention in Rural Communities

It isn’t just people living in cities affected by the overdose crisis. People in rural communities across BC are affected, too.